A Cat Finds A Homestead

One dark morning as I flipped the porch light on to walk out to the bus stop, a small shadowy movement caught our attention near the trash can. This stray cat would find its way into our home and heart.

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Perspective: Every day something dies so you may live

Where our food comes from has new perspective after butchering our first chicken. We rose well before the sun. It was raining, we couldn’t see the orange glow had we gotten a later start anyhow. But as we prepared to butcher a chicken for the first time, we were met with a range of thoughts…

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Meet Amy + Chris

Our Homestead Adventures | About Us

We are Amy and Chris, parents of 4 children, learning by living, taking a homestead adventure that many of our friends and family think is crazy… even if they secretly envy us. We do not shy away from adventure & trying new things but even this is not what we would have imagined just a…

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