Cherry! Cherry! Cherry! Kind of a jackpot!

Three cherries grow on a black tartarian cherry tree.

Today was a big day for us and our orchard!

While out for a walk on the property, Amy strolled into the orchard. We planted our trees a year ago and actually harvested about a half dozen small apples from one of the apple trees. Last year’s apples were a big surprise because we figured it would be years before the young trees were to give fruit. There were blossoms on many of the trees this spring which caused us to celebrate a little bit knowing that we had at least managed to keep the trees alive for a year. But this morning was a major milestone for us and a “jackpot” of sorts.

Cherry trees growing on the southeast end of our orchard.

Stopped in her tracks.

Amy’s trip through the orchard stopped as she approached one of our black tartarian cherry trees. There, in the spotlight of the morning sun, were 12 cherries! This was the first fruit we were to harvest off of a cherry tree in the orchard… and they were delicious. Amy picked the six that were ripe and ready and they were such a treat.

Grateful to get growing.

We’ve spent time trimming the trees, fertilizing them and doing our best to keep pests from devouring our precious orchard. Today will go down as one of those days where the harvest filled our souls more than our bellies. We’ll continue to work and keep faith and know, just know, that somewhere Dad was smiling knowing his memorial orchard was starting to offer the kinds of wonderful treats he would have loved.

A single cherry grows on a black tartarian cherry tree in our orchard.

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