Lavender Vanilla Cake Recipe

A touch of Lavender adds a delightful touch. This is the first year that I’ve successfully been able to keep a lavender plant AND IT GREW! As my confidence bloomed with more and more purple buds, I started collecting the flowers to dry in order to use in baking. The first time I’d ever had food…

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Summer Squash Muffins Recipe

There’s all kinds of ways to make squash… this recipe is delicious We only have one yellow squash plant and it’s really been producing! We are so thankful! From this one plant, we’ve been able to enjoy them sauteed, grilled, and fried. We’ve had squash casserole, summer squash pickles, and summer squash relish. Not all…

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Grandma’s Pasties

Golden Pasties from the oven

Sometimes you need a good meal. A meal that is simple, yet provides most of the basics all-in-one. Something not over-thought, but still packs a punch as memorable.     Growing up  in Michigan, my grandma would provide such a meal- one she was well-known for by family and friends. It truly brings back warm…

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