Growing Coriander in the Garden

Coriander ready to harvest.

You may be growing Coriander and not even know it. It’s what comes after your cilantro plant bolts

Our coriander was truly a “learning by living” experience.

We had an extended cool, spring season. Many of our herbs thought summer had gone and started “bolting” into flowers. It took about a month after the white flowers appeared, for the green seeds to form. It took a couple weeks past that, for most of them to dry out with the heat of the summer sun. Time is in Mother Nature’s hands. Visually, you’ll know when the coriander is ready. The seeds are ready when they have turned brown & fall off the plant easily.

Here’s what to look for:

The stages of cilantro to coriander seeds:

Dainty white flowers turn to green, ball-like seeds turn to brown, dried-out, ball-like seeds…. and coriander that you can use as a spice.

Dainty white flowers on the cilantro will become your coriander.
See how small the little white flowers are that will become your coriander?
Green, ball-like seeds forming that will become coriander.
Coriander ready to harvest.

How to keep your coriander:

Jar up your coriander for the spice shelf. You can crush it into a powder or leave them whole. I love coriander in our pickling spice. How do you love coriander?

Harvested coriander in a jar.

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