Frugal Gardening and Farm Tip: Tomato tie-up wire

Frugal farming hack: Christmas wreath wire to tie up tomatoes.

Check out this frugal gardening hack. Why pay full price for stuff to tie-up your tomatoes?

This is actually Christmas wreath tie I bought at Walmart. I picked it up the day after Christmas for 75% off… they were basically giving it away. This is what we like to use to tie-up our tomatoes. It’s basically a twist-tie coated wire material that works really well. You are tying up tomatoes, don’t be afraid to be frugal it’s not like someone is going to see it and think less of you and if they did see it they wouldn’t know it wasn’t marketed for the job.

Pay full price or do this.

You can go out and pay full price for this at a garden store or box store during the season, or you can be frugal and do like I did and go out on December 26th and grab it on a post-Christmas sale. I love the post-Christmas shopping deals and this is as useful and good as any you’ll find. I only ask one favor… now that I’ve shared this secret, please don’t go clean out my local store when you cash in on this deal.

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Green Roma Tomatoes on the vine.

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