Homegrown Thanksgiving Challenge

Can you provide an entire Turkey Day dinner by homesteading?

It’s the goal that really launched “Our Homestead Adventures”, providing our entire Thanksgiving meal by growing, raising or hunting every dish. As we sat down for our Turkey Day dinner, and reflected on our blessings, we began to talk about how much we enjoyed working our little slice of Bluegrass heaven. That’s when we asked the question; could we provide an entire Thanksgiving meal? What would that take? Are we crazy for even considering it as an option? The answers: Possibly. Planning and hard work. “Crazy” has never stopped us before.

So this is the challenge.

Click here to see what we’re planning to have on the menu.

One big option to consider, do we raise a meat bird or take up turkey hunting? Let us know what you think, we really appreciate your insight and inspiration.


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