Homestead Eggs in a Basket Recipe

Eggs in a basket tastes fantastic with jelly. Here it is served with our Wild Violet Jelly.

Special Occasion or Impressively Easy Breakfast Recipe

A buttery slice of bread on a pan with a perfect circle cut out in the center and a freshly cracked egg dropped into the circle. Season with a little salt and pepper- maybe some jam. Special occasion breakfast or an impressively easy breakfast, it’s perfect for those fast mornings when you want a home cooked breakfast but don’t quite have the time to sit with a plate and fork. Either way, you are in for a great start to the day, packing in protein, sunny side up!

Since our egg production is up, eggs are often a breakfast choice. Sometimes those scrambled eggs need a bit of changing up. Chris likes to take “eggs in a basket” on the road to work. It holds together pretty well depending on how long you cook it. You could also cook it for less time and have a softer center if you wish- great to dunk that toasted circle of bread in.  If we are sitting around the table for breakfast, some of the family enjoys spreading jam over the top. It sounds kind of strange to put jam on eggs- but somehow the lightly salted eggs and sweetness of the jam are a perfect pair.


You can use gluten-free bread for sensitivities.

1 Serving:

  • 1 slice of bread (Gluten-Free if you wish)
  • Butter to spread on both sides of the bread
  • 1 egg
  • Salt & pepper / jam if desired
  • Small circle cookie cutter or a small mouthed mason jar, size not to exceed the bread
  • Non-stick pan

Cut out a circle using a small cup or cookie cutter. Heat up a nonstick pan, medium low. Butter up both sides of the bread- including the little circle. You can drop a pat of butter in the pan and slide your bread in it, both sides. If it sizzles, your egg is ready to be cracked into the hole of the bread. Flip when the underside bread is lightly browned and egg is no longer liquid. Continue to cook until desired set of egg. Season with salt & pepper if desired. Jam is optional (but you really need to try this at least once in your life).


A small Mason jar or juice glass will work to make the hole for your Homestead Eggs in a Basket.

Simply lift the jar and you’re almost cookin’.

Gently crack your egg into the hole you made in the bread.

As your egg begins to cook, lightly season.

A little salt and pepper will work perfectly.

Cook until the egg is done to your liking, then flip it over and cook the other side.

Serve your Homestead Eggs in a Basket on a plate, take it with you or…

…slather on your favorite jelly (we’ll fill you in on our special Wild Violet Jelly at another time).

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