Ms. Olivia’s Sweet Peaches

A peach buzz began to swirl. There was a buzz among the locals that a peach truck was scheduled to deliver in our small town. There is nothing like access to good foods that aren’t typical of your area. A friend called to let me know it was coming and we started thinking about all…

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Cinnamon Rolls with Chestnut Jam and Eggnog Icing

Here is a little spin on your classic cinnamon rolls. These cinnamon rolls truly ring of the holiday spirit. They have such a warm and inviting aroma. There are a few cinnamon roll recipes out there that are pretty good. All of the recipes are basically the same. For years, I would hand-knead the dough…

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Candied Jalapeños Recipe

Call it “Candied Jalapeños”, “Jalapeño Candy” or “Cowboy Candy”, it’s just yummy! Our nephew’s family joined us for a gathering and brought a tray, a block of softened cream cheese, and a jar of sliced jalapeños in a sweet, clear syrup, and dumped it over the cream cheese. There were crackers and tortilla chips to…

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Garden Fresh Tomato Soup Recipe

There’s nothing like garden fresh tomato soup. After a couple sessions of canning tomatoes from our garden, and a few rounds of B.L.T. sandwiches, we needed another way to enjoy them and boy did we find the answer with this tomato soup recipe. Our dining room table has become the place to unload our rolled…

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How to Make Honeysuckle Jelly

Honeysuckle jelly, a sweet summer treat You’ll know summer is on the way when the thick, aromatic perfume of the honeysuckles embrace you, sending a stream of warm memories rushing through your mind and sending a joyous smile to your face. The nostalgia of bright yellow honeysuckle vining around old fence posts, causing one to…

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How to make mulberry jam

Mulberry Jam Our garden has taken a little bit of a backseat while the mulberry trees in our area are producing their tender, subtly sweet, red wine colored berries. There is nowhere to hide those bluish stains on chin and hands from nature’s delicious and natural dye…especially when denying that you’ve spoiled your supper. The…

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Homestead Eggs in a Basket Recipe

Homestead Eggs in a Basket Breakfast

Special Occasion or Impressively Easy Breakfast Recipe A buttery slice of bread on a pan with a perfect circle cut out in the center and a freshly cracked egg dropped into the circle. Season with a little salt and pepper- maybe some jam. Special occasion breakfast or an impressively easy breakfast, it’s perfect for those…

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Meet Amy + Chris

Our Homestead Adventures | About Us

We are Amy and Chris, parents of 4 children, learning by living, taking a homestead adventure that many of our friends and family think is crazy… even if they secretly envy us. We do not shy away from adventure & trying new things but even this is not what we would have imagined just a…

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Grandma’s Pasties

Golden Pasties from the oven

Sometimes you need a good meal. A meal that is simple, yet provides most of the basics all-in-one. Something not over-thought, but still packs a punch as memorable.     Growing up  in Michigan, my grandma would provide such a meal- one she was well-known for by family and friends. It truly brings back warm…

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