Bone Broth Basics

Making bone broth from scratch was much easier than we ever imagined. We’ve been easing into homesteading with the mindset of using what we have on hand and trying new-to-us things as we are ready. We harvested a half-dozen of our first meat birds over the summer. I saved the bones after meals and simply…

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Garden Fresh Tomato Soup Recipe

There’s nothing like garden fresh tomato soup. After a couple sessions of canning tomatoes from our garden, and a few rounds of B.L.T. sandwiches, we needed another way to enjoy them and boy did we find the answer with this tomato soup recipe. Our dining room table has become the place to unload our rolled…

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Grandma’s Pasties

Golden Pasties from the oven

Sometimes you need a good meal. A meal that is simple, yet provides most of the basics all-in-one. Something not over-thought, but still packs a punch as memorable.     Growing up  in Michigan, my grandma would provide such a meal- one she was well-known for by family and friends. It truly brings back warm…

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Warm Kitchen, Cozy Family Dinner

Brown Sugar Meatloaf Recipe

Recipe for Brown Sugar Meatloaf Meatloaf recipes vary from person-to-person. The meatloaf recipe I’m sharing with you is tried and true.  I love that it is wheat-free as well. It’s a dish everyone can enjoy. The secret ingredient is the brown sugar. That little touch of sweetness in this savory dish makes it especially nice.…

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